August, 19 2011, Friday

Ronan played intro league baseball again this spring. This year his team was called the Lookouts after the local minor league team. Ronan's team was able to go see one of their games and to stand out on the field during the pledge of alligance. Ronan thinks that thte Lookouts are the greatest team now and wants to be one "always." He had fun playing at his own games as well and is looking forward to next season.

We missed the last couple of games because of our trip out west. Our whole family flew out to Oregon and met my parents for a wonderful week at the beach. The kids loved playing in the sand and water. We got up early to see the minus tides which Aurora did not apriciate until she had been on the beach for a little while. Ronan however would excert himself to appear happy and excited and prove that he liked waking up early. In a voice to chipper for the time of day, yet not chipper enough to completely cover his sleepiness he would thank us so much for waking him up and tell us how glad he was that we did.

We also visited my old home town where much is different, but some things never change. Ronan loved chasing the chickens and the goose loved chasing Ronan. We taught them the joys of sour grass and licorice root, unfortunately it was to early for berries. All three kids had so much fun playing with everyone. Aurora wants Korbin to come for her birthday and Ronan wants Ethan to come for his, so if they could just visit from October till December, that'd be great.

January, 4 2011, Tuesday

Christmas with children is so much fun. One of the first things of the season was our towns Christmas parade. There were actually snow flurries while there which was terribly exciting. The kids had never been to a parade and had no idea what was going to happen. I myself had not been to one in so long I'd forgotten about the candy that's thrown from the floats. If only Christmas came first it would be a great way to get candy for Halloween. We came home with enough for the whole neighborhood.

A week or so later our church had it's Christmas vespers. Ronan played "Oh, Come Little Children" and little Aurora who used to be to shy to get her picture taken, got up with him and sang. No sign of hesitation or indication that she didn't want to go through with it, despite the fact that she'd never once remembered all the words during practice.

After Ronan's birthday we got our Christmas tree. Once we got it up and the lights on I unwrapped the decoration and handed them to Ronan and Aurora to put on the tree. Wyatt watched for just a moment to get the idea of what was going on and then he picked up a braided Christmas coaster from the table, toddled over to the tree, pulled his arm back and heaved it at the tree. The coaster stuck in the branches and Wyatt repeated until all our coasters were on the Christmas tree.

Feb 12, 2010

While at the store we got some Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day. Aurora wanted to know if they were for her. I told her that they were for everyone to share. When we got home she pulled them out of the bag and said, "These are for everybody so I'm taking them to my room."

Jun 11, 2009

Ronan had his very first violin recital on the last day of May. He was totally unphased by the people and didn't get nervous at all. He has currently lost three baby teeth an grown back one adult tooth of which he is very proud. Aurora has also grown another tooth, only seven more to go. She is currently looking through the dictionary and telling me what letters to type. She can count to 13 now. I have had to stop singing her to sleep because she will sing along with me and then make requests. If I stop she'll just keep singing by herself.

Feb 18, 2009

Ronan has started to read. He has read the first three chapters of our Dick and Jane book entirely by himself as well as well as a few little other things. He has also been taking violin for about a month and a half and is doing pretty well.
Aurora loves to practice with him and gives a little extra incentive since he's very competitive. She goes around singing alot. Her favorite song is "Jesus Loves You." She gets her me's and you's mixed up, though not as much as Ronan did. Her absolute favorite thing to do is draw. She'll scribble a bit, then say "that Ronan," "that Da," and on and on.

Jan 5, 2009

Well things are calming down after our month away from home. We had a wonderful time in the northwest with my family though it did not turn out exactly as planned. Ronan's birthday was the 15th and the Sabbath before, it began to snow at my parents. Just a little, but Ronan was thrilled and decided to pray for snow for both his birthday and Christmas. As most of you probably know Oregon and Washington got the worst snow storm they've had in 40 years.
This changed many of our plans and I'm sorry we did not get to see everyone we might otherwise have seen, but we had so much fun in the snow. The children could barely walk in it, especially Aurora who's legs were shorter than the snow.

Oct 31, 2008

Last week we celebrated Aurora turning two. She had a ladybug cake and poor Ronan was so anxious to get one of the licorice stick legs, only to find out that he doesn't really like licorice. Aurora is saying more and more everyday and has learned how to open doors which is both helpful and troublesome. Ronan says things like, "I'm excedingly hungry," and "My stomach is begging for food."I also just discovered that Aurora can count to four.

Ronan has entered the stage where he puts everything in his pockets. One day he told us not to look in his pocket so of course we figured maybe we'd better see what he had. Lonny reached in to see but unfortunately for him Ronan had gotten ahold of my sewing pins. Aurora on the other hand has started putting things in her ears. So far just in the outside so it hasn't been troublesome but I'm hoping this doesn't continue.

Ronan has started Little Lambs as part of the Adventurer club. Aurora usually tags along and I'm not sure who enjoys it more.

Aug 23, 2008

It's been awhile since I've written but not for lack of stories. I wish I could get them all down before I forget.
Aurora is saying a few more words and using a few more signs. She is showing more and more personality all the time. Anything round is a ball, any fruit is an apple, and anything interesting is "mine." She refuses to part with her toothbrush and sometimes at supper she climbs down from her highchair to dance with the music. The rest of us get dinner and a show.
Ronan also enjoys music and has started playing around on our piano. He was able to show me all the C's. Sometimes I'll have a song stuck in my head and then Ronan will walk by singing the same song and I'm not sure if I gave it to him or he gave it to me.
He has also started hiding things under his bead. I've found a candycane, a sucker, the peanut butter and the honey, a can opener, a kitchen knife, a box of Life, a grapefruit knife, the cinnamon sugar, and one of those poky things you stab in the ends of corn on the cob. I thing he had plans to open a restaraunt.

Jul 25, 2008

Ronan just finished two weeks of swimming lessons. He no longer cries when he gets his face wet and if he has his mask on might be persuaded to go all the way under. He is swimming very well with a life jacket or kick board and can even make it a foot or so all on his own.
They gave Ronan a bite size candy bar with his swimming certificate. He'd never had a candy bar before and thought it was wonderful. Whenever someone would ask him about swimming he would tell them all about his candy bar.

Our whole family went swimming yesterday evening and Aurora also is doing well. She is learning how to balance herself in her lifejacket and will let go of us for a couple of seconds until she tips.
Aurora is also saying more and more words: up, buble, apple, and uh oh. While I was peeling peaches for supper tonight we had a lengthy conversation. She points and says "abble." I say, "This is a peach." "Abble." "No Aurora, it's not an apple it's a peach." She shakes her head, "Abble." "Peach." "Abble." "Peach." How do children get to be such know-it-alls?

Jul 7, 2008

I hope everyone had as fun a 4th of July as we did. Collegedale had their fireworks on the 3rd which might a good thing since I'm not sure Ronan could have lasted another day. There is a local orchestra who plays every year. They had an excellent selection of music, complete with the firing of a civil war canon. Aurora watched the fireworks with rapt atention for about ten minutes and then decided she just wanted to go to sleep. Even though we left a little early she was asleep by the time we got to the car.
We spent the Fouth with numerous friends and did a craft with all the children that left glitter not only all over the kids but all over the living room.

Aurora has started saying a few words; ball, without the l's of course, eye, and apple, also without the l.

During a conversation at supper Ronan tells us "You know who's really funny? The Irish." When Lonny and I laughed he continued as if to explain, "Uncle Paul told me that."

Jun 6, 2008

We have returned from our three weeks in Ireland. We went to see, according to Ronan, "Uncle Paul, and Aunt Alita, and the other Ronans." Being a fairly common name in Ireland we did meet another Ronan, a young father with a Ronan of his own. Our Ronan also got to sit in the cockpit of our plane when we landed in Dublin.

Ronan spent time with his uncle learning to play soccer and now calls it football. Aurora started using the sign language we've been teaching her as well as trying to say a few words. She has also become expert at going down stairs as well as up.

From Dublin we went to Killarny, Dingle, Rosslare, and Galway. The country is very beautiful and the children travel pretty well. We did occassionally stop to see an old church or a castle, and let the kids run around a bit. Ronan is turning into quite the backseat driver and is very insistant in his instructions to "Turn right here, da." "Go slow around the corners." Da, we want to go that way." "You're doing good, da." "Stay on the left, THE LEFT, THE LEFT!!!" Oh wait that last one was me. Actually having already driven in Scotland a few years ago Lonny
adjusted very quickly.

Along with the churches and castles we saw the Book of Kells, the hill of Tara, sheep, cows, miles of stone wall, thatch roofed cottages, people harvesting peat moss, islands and the Cliffs of Moher, which Lonny insists on calling the Cliffs of Insanity. The kids also got to go to the Dublin Zoo and had a great time watching the monkeys watch them.

They were both very good on the plane, pretty good on the drive home and once we got unloaded what did Aurora do but climb into her car seat. She's been trying to go somewhere ever since. I'll tell you though, it is so much easier taking care of kids when you're at home.

May 7, 2008

This is an actual conversation I have had with Ronan more than once while playing outside.

Me: Ronan what's in your mouth?
Ronan: (takes it out) Look, see.
Me: Ronan don't put anything in your mouth unless you know it's not poisonous.
Ronan: It's not poisonous.
Me: How do you know?
Ronan: I ate one before.

May 2, 2008

Lonny got me a Roomba today. You know one of those little round vacuum cleaners that go by themselves. So now instead of vacuuming I can start it up and use the precious time to perch on the furniture and watch it bumb its way around the room.
Ronan and Aurora were quite facinated with the Roomba. I think we have a new family activity, we can even include the cat.

Apr 17, 2008

At the end of worship a while back, Ronan pulled the Bible onto his lap, opened it up and said he was going to read. Fortunately I had pen and paper handy and was able to write as he read, in a very official voice. "Here's a teacup, and you may drink the hot chocolate out of it, and you may have these peaches, and you may have lots of candy. chapter 10.

Apr 8, 2008

Ronan is in that questioning stage. What's in vitamin C? Why did God make birds so small? Does fire burn up air? Those are the easy ones. It makes me wonder what questions I asked when I was little and how my answers will affect his view of the world. Of course most of the time I find myself telling him, "I don't know, Ronan, Maybe we can look it up." How do they think of these things?

While we were staying with our friend in Virginia we were driving back to her place on a road that went through a tunnel and under a number of bridges. Ronan likes tunnels and asked if there were going to be any more. Becky tried to pass of a bridge as a tunnel. Ronan didn't fall for it but every time we went under a bridge she would tell him it was a tunnel, only Becky would pick a fight with a 4 year old. Ronan would tell her over and over, "You're wong Becky." "You're very not right." When I tried to interject he told me, "I'm trying to make Becky how she's supposed to be." He finally told her "If you keep this up Becky, everyone will call you silly." He than proceeded to make up a song about "Silly Becky."

Mar 25, 2008

We have had a very fun, very tiring, and very long weekend. We left late Thursday morning and drove to a friends place in Arlington, Virginia. This would normally take about 8 hours, but with changing diapers, letting the kids get some excercise, and getting lost it was about 11.

Friday we got lost going to Arlington Cemetery. We saw the changing of the guard. Ronan is very interested in anyone with guns or swords and had lots of questions. Aurora thought it was a great place to run all by herself. Often, now, when we try to hold her hand she pulls her hand out of reach and laughs at us while she trots away. Lonny went into DC for some tickets and got lost, driving home he got lost again.

Sabbath we had a picnic and went to a nature center. Ronan was fasinated by the exhibits and expecially the kids room, Aurora tried to run off.

Sunday our friend, Becky, came with us to the Zoo. She knew how to get there, in fact we’d driven right past it with her on the way to her church the day before. We got lost. Ronan enjoyed seeing all the animals, expecially the pigeons at the picnic area. Aurora discovered that my feet stop every time her feet stop. After leaving the zoo, we got lost going to Johnny Rockets for supper.

Monday we packed up loaded the car and drove into DC. We drove around till we found a parking place that was acually in the District and then walked with our tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll. Ronan’s favorite thing was the people dressed up like various characters that he’s never heard of. He also enjoyed the magic show, egg hunt, and animal table, where he got to pet an alligator. Aurora slept through quite a bit, but she caught on to the egg roll right away and very determindly kept pushing hers forward. Ronan, on his first try, flung his egg about three rows over and two thirds of the way to the finish line. We saw George Bush, the father, and had the Sectretary of Commerse read to our children. He said it was the best thibg he’d done all week. Of course it was Monday morning. We got back to our car ok, got changed, got some food from the ice chest, and got lost getting out of town. After returning Becky’s keys to her at her work, we got lost again an then headed on our way home. After a flat tire and a bent spare we made it home at three o’clock this morning.

Mar 7, 2008

Aurora has four teeth now and has said "doggy." She has tried saying other things but this is the first she actually succeeded. She loves to give Ronan hugs and is learning to give kisses. She is such an independant little thing, it's kind of a shock after Ronan. It is fun to see all the ways they differ and are similar.

Feb 29, 2008

Aurora cut one of her top teeth yesterday giving her a grand total of three. It's amazing how well she's been able too eat. She has started to run away from me, grinning ear to ear, when she has something she shouldn't, and then she'll stop look back at me and giggle. Any time she sees me carrying a laundry basket she will grab hold of it, guide it to the floor and then climb in. She loves to go for rides.

Feb 19, 2008

I wrote a blog awhile back about the nice new minivan that Lonny got me. It was all about how much the kids like it and how nice it is to drive after my old car that made me feel like I was in the Wonderful One-hoss Shay in "The Deacon's Masterpiece" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, just before it fell apart. Anyhow when I tried to post it there was some sort of error and now nobody gets to read it. Just so you know, I got a new minivan.

I'm really writing now to tell about Ronan, of course. A while back we were at Lonny's parents playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" and Ronan was "it" which he loves. He was going around the circle touching people's heads, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, and just when we're all begining to wonder if he's forgotten how to play he grins real big and says, "It's never going to be goose."

Jan 17, 2008

It actually snowed here. Not much of course, and it's all gone now, but there was enough to play in. Ronan asked me if the snow had been in the refridgerator in heaven. He got over his aversion to 15, 16, and 17, and can now count to 39.
Aurora is understanding more of what we say everyday and has started using signs. The kids play together so well and it is such fun watching them.

Jan 1, 2008

Christmas is over and everyone has returned home. Aurora is no longer shy and clinging and has returned to roaming the house. She likes to get stuff out of the refridgerator and take it to the table, or the living room, or the laundry room. Mostly the table, though this morning she took maccaroni and cheese to Lonny. His first breakfast in bed from the children.
Ronan misses the constant attention that comes with so many doting relatives and often tells me that he needs someone. As most of you probably know Ronan was quite sick on Christmas day. Now that he's feeling better we have been having great fun with all our, I mean his, new toys. Aunt Lorissa will be glad to know that although when he unwrapped his new camera he said "I don't want to open it ever," he did later request to open it and has carried it everywhere taking pictures.
Happy New Year!

Dec 16, 2007

Ronan turned four yesterday. They sang to him at Sabbath school and then he left cradle roll and went to kindergarten. He changed Sabbath schools for the first time and is no longer with Aurora. It amazes me how big he's getting, already.
After church we came home and had tortellini with alfredo sauce as Ronan had requested. Every relative in the vicinity came over for supper and a carrot cake train, and of course gifts. So many gifts. It looked like Christmas, toys and paper everywhere, I can only imagine what Christmas will be like.

Nov 28, 2007

We drove up to Maryland on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Lonny's extended family. On Friday Aurora figured out the whole walking thing which she is very happy about.
We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on Sunday and after five hours Ronan still did not want to leave. Every plane he's seen since he is sure is from there.

Oct 31, 2007

Aurora took a step all by herself last night. She'll be walking before long.

Oct 27, 2007

Aurora cut her first tooth today. She is now one year old and I'm sure Ronan enjoyed her birthday more than she did. He helped me make her birthday cake during which time he told me, "I love love frosting." One love just wasn't enough.
He also helped Aurora open her presents and play with them after.

Oct 17, 2007

Aurora has started crawling up stairs. She hates her baths now because she just wants to stand up and this makes things difficult. Ronan gets as close to her face as he can and tells her loudly. "You have to sit down because it's wet and you'll fall." He tries to be so helpful.

Sep 18, 2007

Aurora claps now, it's so fun to watch.
Ronan was very hyper when bed time came around,so in order to use up some energy Lonny was going to run around the house with him. When he told Ronan the plan Ronan asked "Will you carry me?"

Sep 17, 2007

Standing up is Aurora's favorite thing to do. She will pull herself up on anything that is nearby, then she will try to balance, let go with one hand and then let go with the other for as long as she can, then she just laughs and laughs like there's nothing funnier than a baby standing up.
She is walking pretty good if she's hanging onto someone's hands and she cruises around the furniture alot now. She only crawls in order to get to something so she can stand.

Aug 29, 2007

Aurora crawled today!

Aug 28, 2007

Aurora stands all by herself for a couple of seconds and has even started trying to step while holding onto something. She goes around very quickly on her stomach but we're still waiting for her to crawl.

Aug 11, 2007

Ronan sang upfront in church today while all the children were comming up for childrens story. He was supposed to sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" but once he got up there he didn't want to and sang "Jesus Loves Me" instead.

Aug 8, 2007

Aurora has figured out how to scootch forward and is quite mobile but still no crawling. She does however randomly jabber "da" and "mama" though there is no evidence she knows what they mean. She started swimming lessons yesterday and did really well, she kicked all by herself and everything.
Ronan has just recently finnished his swimming lessons. He did well too, though he doesn't like getting his face wet and therefore protested going down the slide every day.

Jul 18, 2007

Just a quick note to tell you that Aurora has taken a couple steps while holding onto us, and she has pulled herself into a standing position all by herself.

Jul 10, 2007

Our whole family was in my room when bedtime came. Lonny was standing with his back toward the door and told Ronan to head upstairs. Ronan walked passed him and slipped in the closet, closing the door before either of us noticed. Lonny was almost to the stairs before I heard noises from the closet and called him back. Ronan thought it was histerical.
Oh, be warned, Ronan wants to give everyone a baby for Christmas.

Jul 6, 2007

On the 4th of July we went to Gatlinburg to se a civil war reenactment and now Ronan's favorite game is reenacting the reenactment. We also went to the aquarium where Ronan got Lonny to buy him a toy that not only makes noise but that is full of candy. I have spent a great deal of time since listening to the dolphin, which he has named "Salty Tree because it's so big," and listening to him say "Can I please have one? I just want to eat them all. PLEEEAAASE!

On our way back home, in an effort to keep Aurora happy we gave her Ronan's sippy cup. It's the kind with a straw and she was able to figure it out. We also started giving her Cheerios which enthrawled her to no end. If she's holding on to something she is able to stand up for about ten seconds before her legs give out. She loves watching her brother and he's started telling us anytime we tell him not to do something, "But Aurora likes it." What better excuse can there be.

Jun 24, 2007

My mom brought Lonny a new set of Legos that he was actually letting Ronan watch him play with. It was a castle set and Lonny told Ronan that the knight needed a name. Ronan wanted to call him King Bo. Lonny explained that since he was a knight he should be called "Sir" something. Ronan promptly said "servant," so now Lonny's knight is called Sir Vant.

Jun 16, 2007

Aurora has started pulling her knees up under her from time to time so crawling is just around the corner. She has also grown to long for her baby bath.
Ronan is greatly enjoying having his grandparents visiting and passed the time in church giving Grandpa a new hair style. I am also enjoying them being here because I get to sleep in. Not only that, when I finish nursing the baby after supper, my kitchen is clean. It's like magic.

Jun 7, 2007

We went on a week long vacation with most of Lonny's family and have just gotten back today. We didn't go very far because it was just a partial vacation for some and they came for the weekend or whenever they were off work.
We hadn't gotten very far down the road when Ronan told Lonny's mom, who was driving,"Remember to stay on the road."
We went to a Country Inn and Petting Zoo. Ronan loved it. There was goats and llamas, chickens and peacocks. We got to go on a hay ride, which is kinda weird in the summer, and the kids got to ride on a pony. There was a little playground and a river with a swimming hole. It was a great place for children and Ronan wanted to stay there "forever."

May 19, 2007

I remember with longing the days when Ronan was shy. Today at the end of Sabbath School he told everyone the story of "the Little Engine that Could." Fortunately it's a small class.

May 18, 2007

We gave Aurora some solid food Wednesday, and I use the term solid loosely, it's like rice water. Anyhow she seemed to like it cause she ate alot even though she had recently nursed. She kept grabing the spoon and shoving it in her mouth.
Lonny has been trying to get Ronan to say "I'm a real pirate" but Ronan always says "I'm a real parrot" instead.

May 11, 2007

Ronan told us yesterday that he had silly germs and that they made him silly. Something sure is. He asked me this evening what time it was outside. When I told him it was 6:28 he said "Wow, that's cold."
Aurora is starting to scoot around on her stomach backwards.

May 7, 2007

During Ronan's quiet time the other day he wanted to look at the photo album with all his baby pictures. I cautioned him not to bend the pages and then left it for him to look at. When I went to let him get up he had rearranged all the pictures so they were completely out of order and none of the captions matched up.
On Sabbath Ronan went out to the car before the rest of us were quite ready and by the time we got out there he had mud slashed all up and down the front of his pants.

Apr 26, 2007

Lonny took Ronan to the BMW museum this past weekend and when they were about to leave I gave Ronan a hug and told him I would miss him. He told me not to worry that Aurora would keep me safe.

While at the museum they watched a video that showed how the cars were made including the robots that put the cars together. When they left the museum they saw people working on the landscaping and Ronan asked if they were robots.

Ronan's really big on keeping people safe. The past few weeks when Lonny comes home Ronan will wrap his arms around my legs and say that da's a dragon, and he's a knight and he'll keep me safe. Today I asked if Aurora and I were damsels in distress. he looked at me for a second and then said "you're a dansel, and I'm a dansel, and Aurora's de dress."

Apr 13, 2007

Ronan was able to find Easter eggs all by himself this year. It was amazing the the change from last Easter when we had to point out each egg to him. He can now recognize his own name when it's written as well as the word "baby." He's starting to recognize some lower case letters pretty consistantly.
I trimmed Ronan's hair the other day and while I was sweeping up he went to play in my room. He hadn't been in there long we he suddenly burst out crying as loud as he could. I ran in there and he was standing in front of the mirror saying as best he could through his tears, "I want it long, I want it long." I tried to tell him it would grow back but he wanted it long "now." I hadn't cut off much more than an inch.
Aurora is geting very difficult to hold while we eat. She grabs at whatever she can reach getting food all over her fingers and has just about flung my plate on the floor a number of times.

Mar 31, 2007

Well Aurora rolled onto her back today.
Ronan has come up with a new favorite way to eat bread. He eats all the crust off than wads it up in a ball and takes little bites out of it. When I asked him where he learned to do that and he said President George W. Bush taught him. Where was I?
We went to a lake and played this afternoon and when we put Ronan to bed he showed us his hand and said it hurt. Lonny ended up taking nine itty bitty splinters out of it and Ronan didn't cry or protest or anything. I think it bothered me more than him. It's a pretty extreme way to get out of goig to bed.

Mar 26, 2007

Aurora rolled onto her stomach today. I thought she'd roll onto her back first cause that's what Ronan did but when she's on her stomach she doesn't try to roll over, she just tries to crawl.

Mar 15, 2007

Aurora sat up completely unsuported today.
Ronan told us that "Aurora is the best girl on the world."

Mar 3, 2007

Aurora can sit up now if only briefly, she also tries to grab things and move them around but her arm control is not that great. Things are starting to go in her mouth though.
Ronan is getting to be actually helpful. He will pick stuff up for me which is wonderful and likes to help in the kitchen. He amuses Aurora pretty well and has gotten somewhat protective of her.
Lonny took both kids with him to gas up the car and apparently Ronan kept instructing him on how to take care of the baby.

Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Ronan has been wanting those little Conversation Heart candies ever since last Valentine's Day so he has looked forward to this day with great anticipation.
Ronan can count up to 14 now and while he's playing with his toys we do simple addition and subtraction, putting some toys away and getting more out. He also loves singing the alphabet song though he almost always leaves out m. Ronan has two little toy trains that are just alike except that one says Bill on the side and one says Ben. Ronan has learned to tell them apart by reading their names!

Feb 5, 2007

The pastors wife at the church we go to used to work with Lonny. This past Sabbath the pastor was telling a story and told how you couldn't trust his wife with secrets and that Lonny knew this from working with her. Well I'm thankful everyone was already laughing at this point or more people would have heard Ronan pipe up quite loudly, "I know that, too!" Why couldn't I have shy children?
I have been reminded to announce that Aurora can roll onto her side now.

Feb 1, 2007

It actually snowed here last night. We played outside all morning. We even had enough to build small snowmen. After watching her brother destroy our largest snowman Aurora drifted off to sleep while Ronan and I made snow angels and winding roads all though the yard. I'm proud to say that without any prompting Ronan asked for Christmas music. Yay, for snow and Christmas music!

Jan 26, 2007

Just to let you know this blog will primarily be to keep relatives, and anyone else who doesn't become completely bored, updated on the doings and sayings of my two little ones.
Aurora, of course is not doing to much these days though she can hold her head up reasonably well and she acts like she's teething. Ronan however keeps us quite entertained. The other night we asked him if he was ready to go to bed and he told us, "I'm getting rid of my bed." The night before he couldn't sleep because there was a komodo dragon in his room. I can see how that might be frightening.